What Weighs Us Down  (2017)

Director:  Bobby Thompson

Writer:  Bobby Thompson

Genre:  Drama


Josh is a young man in his twenties experiencing a recent rash of trouble. He loses his warehouse job; he is out-of-step with the lives his old friends are embarking upon; and his long term relationship with girlfriend Angie collapses in a sudden and unexpected way. Josh's growing depression, loneliness, and sense of abandonment are only increased by the presence of his Mom's new ex-cop boyfriend Alan, a menacing bully who won't leave him alone. Feeling increasingly trapped and resorting to petty crime to help support a burgeoning opiate addiction, Josh feels himself slipping further and further away from the happiness and contentment he so desperately desires.  Produced in collaboration with Comfort Food Films.

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Adam Masnyk






Russell Parascandolo






Gloria Crist






Acei Martin






Peter Hoey






Lisa Wynn

Homeless Woman





Anne Turgeon






Milhouse Nazareth

Best Friend





Matthew Berke

Car Owner





David Reid



Director:  Bobby Thompson


Writer:  Bobby Thompson

Producer:  Bobby Thompson


Producer:  Adam Masynk


Associate Producer:  Jon Perry


Co Producer:  Matthew Berke



Co Producer:  Peter Hoey


Co Producer:  Sierra Hoey

Director of Photography:  Bryan Fusco

Editor:  Matthew Schuler

Music By:  Brad Marropodi

Lighting:  Walter Stone




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