Director:  Jon Perry

Writers:  Adam Masnyk & Peter Hoey

Genre:  Slapstick


After an accidental murder, a real estate agent calls upon two rookie hooligans to dispose of a body before her open house begins.   learn more


Director:  Bobby Thompson

Writer:  Bobby Thompson

Genre:  Drama


Josh is a young man with some problems. He's lost his warehouse job and his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Angie. His despair and depression are compounded by an addiction to opiates and the unwanted presence of his mom Brenda's ex-cop boyfriend Alan.  In association with Comfort Food Films.   learn more


Director:  Brendan Jelloe

Writer:  Adam Masnyk

Genre:  Comedy/Drama


A loving couple stranded in their apartment building for the holidays decide to invite their neighbors to Christmas dinner, which turns out to be more of a challenge, and weirder, than they anticipated.  This is a short film made for the Boston 48-Hour Film Project.   learn more


Director:  Eric Kelly

Writer:  Adam Masnyk

Genre:  Comedy/Drama


A coming of age comedy about a young man in his final years of college that returns home to Worcester, Massachusetts and to his old job working at a local comic book shop, That's Entertainment, for the summer. He runs into old friends, new problems, and finds out it's the perfect place to reevaluate what he really wants out of life.   learn more

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