Director:  Jon Perry

Writers:  Adam Masnyk & Peter Hoey

Genre:  Slapstick Comedy


After an accidental murder, a real estate agent calls upon two rookie hooligans to dispose of a body before her open house begins.  This is a short film made for the Providence 48-Hour Film Project.

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Seth Garner





Adam Masnyk

Richie Garner

Peter Hoey

Zoe Wesley





Toni Nagy

Jebediah Mansfield





Andy Forgit

Fred Wilkinson





Mike Brais

Tammy Wilkinson





Bianca Sellitto



Director:  Jon Perry


Writers:  Adam Masnyk & Peter Hoey

Story:  Another Theory Productions

Producer:  Adam Masynk

Co Producer:  Jon Perry

Co Producer:  Andy Forgit



Associate Producer:  Peter Hoey

Associate Producer:  Sierra Hoey

Director of Photography:  Bryan Fusco

First Assistant Director:  Sierra Hoey

Editor:  Jeff Kolter


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