• Product Rebrand


    The last choice for my designs would be the rebrand of a product that is already in existence. This was one of the first design jobs I did during the new semester, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much information I have retained and how my skills have sharpened. I was yet again nervous…

  • Indiana Jones Catalog


    This may be one of the projects I am most proud of. This was a design I did for a catalog of my choosing. I did up all the graphics, fonts, and images, as well as choosing the color pallet. I am most proud of the work that went into this, because it looks like…

  • Town Brochure


    Another design I am very proud of, is the town brochure design. At first, I was nervous going into it, as I wanted it to look official and like an actual brochure, rather then something amateur. I went into the design process after examining multiple brochures and trying to get a style down. I was…

  • Slapshot Poster


    I wanted to pick this design job, as it is one of the first designs I made when I enrolled in the program. I have come a long way with design, and improving my skills and its a reminder of how much I have progressed. This image was taken, and I changed a lot of…

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